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Canavit    Canavit

The products of Canavit are among the very rare sensitive brands which are indeed containing just one source of meat. Lamb & Rice is just Lamb & Rice and nothing else. Chicken & Rice is just Chicken & Rice. Compare the ingredients of these brands with your actual brand. You will realize the difference very easy. Specially in our days, when we see more and more cats with allergic reactions.

GreenFish    GreenFish
GreenFish is an innovative and balanced diet base on the experience of the pathologies connected with nourishment.

Its peculiarities are:
- The exclusive use of proteins extracted from the ocean fish.
- The use of the rice which assures important nutritional properties.
- The addition of a right blend of officinal herbs which produce a regenerative and depurant action of the hepatobiliary apparatus.

The high quality of the feed is guaranteed by a balanced ratio of fatty acids Omega3 and Omega6 which are very important for the functionality of the immune system. The presence of Taurine which has got an important function in the retina, in the heart and in the brain.

Natural Balance    Natural Balance

Our latest partner in our assorment. Natural Balance Pet Food is specalized in 3 major product lines. Of course, all of them in the accustomed well selected top quality: Ultra Premium Dog and Cat Food. Ultra Premium Dog Food for dogs with a high level of activities. And (I do consider this as the area of expertise of Natural Balance Pet Food): Formulas and Ingredients for Cats and Dogs, being sensitive for pet food.

Finally we can offer again a pure Lamb & Rice formula!
Finally we can offer a formula without any cereals! Free of cereals means also free of rice!
Finally we can offer a kibble size, tailor made for small breeds.

And, as soon as the registration for the EC was finalized, we can offer the 4th and most exiting product line: An ORGANIC formula for Cats and Dogs!

We are convinced that the products of Natural Balance Pet Food are more than just a completion of our range. The products of Natural Balance Pet Food are allowing us to offer you a complete range of pet food at the highest quality levels.

Pronovita    Predator
As consistent as we have chosen a new way for Predator Dog, as forceful we have also chosen a new way for Predator CAT. A food for a hunter, for a carnivore, for a cat.

Again, a short and clear list of ingredients. One of the highest content of DRIED meat in dry cat food ever! 95 % of the crude protein content results from animal protein sources. These 95 % resulting from Meat and Fish in food grade.

We do guarantee more than 41 % of meat or fish (after drying process) in your Predator CAT! Predator CAT contains all what your cat needs for a vital life, without those endless lists of ingredients, which became more and more in fashion.

Pronovita    Pronovita

Vital, balanced, high content of meat, just natural ingredients. These advantages tailor made for all stages of life. Fillers, attractants a.s.o. are out of bounds for this producer which dedicated his kitties, adult and senior cat food to one target. Quality, quality and nothing else than quality!

Vivaldi    Vivaldi

Vivaldi pet food is produced under the spirit of fresh meat, with vegetables and crop. Using modern technology, it allows to produce very gentle keeping the natural ingredients. Of course the products and production is under permanent quality control of the Austrian authorities.

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Predator Dog GOLD
Predator Dog GOLD
Price: 15,90 EUR
6,36 EUR per kg
incl. 13 % Tax excl.

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